Frozen Seafood

Whilst FishCo endeavors to stock all listed items, at times certain species may be unavailable due to seasonal conditions.

For further information, or to enquire about a product that is not listed here, please contact us.

Prawn Cutlets Aussie 10/15
Prawn Cutlets Aussie 16/20
Prawn Cutlets Aussie 21/25
Prawn Cutlets-Meat (Garlic) Imp 13/15
Prawn Cutlets-Meat (Garlic) Imp 16/20
Prawn Cutlets-Meat (Garlic) Imp 21/25
Prawn Cutlets-Meat (Garlic) Imp 26/30
Prawn Cutlets-Meat Raw Imp 21/25
Prawn Cutlets-Meat Raw Imp 26/30
Prawn Cutlets-Meat Raw Imp 30/35
Prawns Whole Raw U-6
Prawns Whole Raw U-8
Prawns Whole Raw U-10
Prawns Whole Raw 10/15
Prawns Whole Raw 10/20
Prawns Whole Raw 20/30
Shrimp Cooked & Peeled 60/90 B/T
Shrimp Cooked & Peeled 90/120 B/T
Shrimp Cooked & Peeled 100/200 B/T****Lobster Ckd W.A.
Lobster Tails Tropical
Scallops Roe On Japan
Scallops Roe On China
Scallops Roe Off Japan
Scallops Roe Off China
Scallops 1/2 Shell QLD Med Roe Off


Crab Meat Raw Aussie
Crab Meat Ckd Aussie
Crab Meat Imported
Crab Alaskan Clusters
Crab Soft Shell


Barramundi Fillets Imported
Barramundi Spring Rolls
Basa A’ Grade
Hoki Fillets
Marlin Loins
Sardine Fillets Portugal
Sardines Whole Portugal

Bug Meat
Moreton Bay Bugs


Silverfish Lrg
White Bait
Marinara Mix
Seaweed Salad


Clams pre-cooked
Mussel Meat
Mussels NZ 1/2 Shell
Mussels Whole N.Z.


Occy Clean
Squid Loligo
Squid Salt & Pepper
Squid Tubes U-5 Aussie
Squid Tubes U-5 Imp

Other Frozen Produce

Baby Octopus 500g  Squid Rings Crumbed 1kg
 Greek Cheese Spiral Pie Filosophy Mini
 Greek Spanakopita Filosophy Spiral Greens  Tuna Saku – Fillets  per kg
 Mango Cheesecake Frozen  Whole Golden Pomfret  per kg
 Whole Milkfish Whole per kg
 Salmon Wood Smoked Pepper Regal 200g  Whole Sardines Portugal 1kg pkt
 Salmon Wood Smoked Regal 200g  Whole Sardines WA  1kg pkt
 Smoked Kippers  200g  Whole Tilapia Whole per kg
 Smoked Kippers Scottish Whole 335g

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