FRESH Fruit, Vegetables & Dairy products now available

At FishCo, we endeavor to stock the largest range of products available. Products may change and are subject to availability.

For further information, or to enquire about a product that is not listed here, please contact us.

 Avocado Large each  Basil
 Cabbage Red each  Carrot Bunches
 Cabbage White each  Coriander
 Capsicum Green kg  Dill Bunch
 Capsicum Red kg  Leeks
 Capsicum Semi  kg  Mint Bunch
 Carrots  kg  Parsley Bunch
 Celery Whole each  Red Chillies
 Corn each  Shallots Bunch
 Cucumber Lebanese  kg  Spring Onions
 Cucumber Telegraphic each
 Eggplant kg DAIRY 
 Garlic kg  Butter Salted Caterer’s 250g
 Ginger kg  Butter Unsalted Caterer’s 250g
 Lemons kg
 Lettuce Iceberg each  EGGS 
 Limes kg  Eggs Nature’s Free Range Doz 700g
 Okra kg  Eggs Carton 30 eggs
 Onions Brown kg
 Onions Spanish kg
 Onions White  Kg
 Tomatoes  kg
 Tomatoes Salad kg
 Apples Gala  kg
 Apples Pink Lady kg
 Blackberries punnet
 Figs punnet
 Grapes  kg
 Papaya each
 Passion Fruit each
 Pomegranate each
 Rasberries punnet
 Strawberries punnet

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