NEW Dry & Deli Products

At FishCo, we endeavor to stock the largest range of products available.  Products may change and are subject to availability.

For further information, or to enquire about a product that is not listed here, please contact us.

 DEL Sardines Hot & Spicy  90g  Attiki Honey 500g  Benino Grn Pitted sici 1650g
 VV 5 Bean Mix 400G  Urban Honey 500g  Benino  Grn Olives Cracked 1kg
 VV Borloti 400G  Benino Kalamata Pitted 1kg
 VV Butter Beans 400G MARINATED   Benino Kalamata Whole 1kg
 VV Cannelini 400G  Anchovie Fillets 560g  Benino Ligurian Olives 1650g
 VV Chick Peas 400G  Benino Sundried Tomato 1950g
 VV Lentils 400G  CC Capers with Salt 75g PASTA 
 VV Red Kidney 400G  Cabbage Leaves 1450ml
 Apple Sauce 250g  Benino Black Sesame Seeds 300g PASTA SAUCES 
 Blue Cheese Dressing Beerburg 300ml  Benino Sesame Seeds 300g  VV Diced Tomato 400g
 Caesar Dressing Creamy Parm 300ml  Bread Crumbs Panko 200g  VV Passata 700ml
 Creamy Seafood Sauce 250g  Cocoa Powder Organic 300g  VV Peeled Tomato 400g
 Honey Mustard 300ml  Chilli Crushed 220g
 Ranch Dressing 300ml  Halva – Vanilla 400g
 Tomato Sauce 300ml  Hot Choc Drinking Organic 300g
 Worcestershire Sauce 300ml  Jensen Crushed Garlic 220g
 Jensen Crushed Ginger 200g
FLOUR   Organic Lime 1lt
 Pitta Bread Greek 10pc small
HERBS & SPICES   Pitta Bread Greek 10pc large
 Benino Aniseed Whole 200G  Seaweed Sushinori Roasted
 Benino Black Pepper Whole 150g  Vine Leaves Montez 1015gr
 Benino White Pepper Whole 150g  Wasabi Tube 43g
 Benino Mild Chilli Flakes 150g
 Benino Mint Leaves 85G OILS 
 Benino Rock Salt 500g  Benino Canola Oil 2lt
 Benino Rosemary Leaves 200g  Benino Sunflower Oil 2lt
 Curry Powder 200g  Coconut Oil Organic 500ml
 Sea Salt Flakes 180  Coconut Oil Organic 915ml
 Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 18  Olive Oil Arkadia Xtra Virgin 4lt
 Turmeric powder 200g  Olive Oil Durra Xtra Virgin 4lt
 Olive Oil Peloponisos Xtra Virgin 4lt

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