After 30 years in the industry our professional Fishmongers have refined our selection of knives for quality and longevity. Our knives will stand up to serious commercial use with ease. Under domestic use you will be able to pass them on to your Grandchildren!!

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Fish Scaler Carnivore Knife
Carnivore Fish Scale

Stainless Steel Head
32cm = 12 ½”
Dexter Gut and Sliming Knife Canberra Seafood
Dexter Gut and Sliming Knife

Stainless Steel
11cm = 4½”
Mundial Straight Filleting Knife Canberra
Mundial Straight Filleting Knife

Stainless Steel
20cm = 8”
Carnivore Cutlet Fish Scaler canberra
Dexter Russell Slicing Knife

Stainless Steel
30cm = 12”
Oyster Knife Canberra
Oyster Knife

Stainless Steel
Cheaper domestic quality, for lighter use
Bear Sharpening Stone Seafood Fish
Bear Sharpening Stone

Non-oil, Combination Fine/Coarse
230 x 75mm = 9 x 3”

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